Saturday, 16 February 2008

Guilty ?

I realize that after some 15 blogs that I have not talked much about my case. Am I guilty ? With the exception of the police and maybe you the reader, no one else cares - no one asks; and remember the nightmare ? ... by default you are guilty !

My case ? Over the coming weeks, I will detail the allegations that were made and the evidence of victimization, conspiracy, collusion and coercion - I am sure that your case will not be as bad as mine - I hope not !

It would be unwise and unethical of me to reveal too much at this stage; my case is ongoing and, although no one else seems to have behaved honourably, I need to protect and preserve my own dignity and my own values.

Suffice to say that I am not guilty - I did nothing ... let me say that at its best, those around me were mistaken ... at its worst, I was framed by colleagues who were coerced by my head teacher.