Saturday, 9 February 2008

Anonymous Text

I received this anonymous text in 2003 following a speech that I made to thank the deputy head teacher for all her efforts whilst the head teacher had been on long term sick.

This text had originated from my head teacher.

I never received an apology and his only excuse was :

“I was so completely taken aback and furious that having returned home after the lunch, I sent a text message to her.”

His was an outrageous and cowardly action that served no purpose other than to cause distress - hardly the behaviour of a rational person, let alone someone in a position of authority ! I don’t think that it was my speech that upset him as in his response he added :

“I communicated with my Deputy that I would, as I had in previous years, still like to pay for the last day of term staff lunch - meat and potato pies, desserts and wine ! Imagine my feelings then, when I was informed that, at a staff meeting, some staff preferred to arrange their own buffet instead.”

“To go into school for that buffet was no easy task for me I can assure you. Head teachers have to be thick skinned and resilient but we are human after all, and there are limits to what we can and should be expected to endure.”

(He needs to try living with what I have been forced to suffer !)

(You might believe that these statements are out of context but they are not !)
This incident was the start of several years of intimidation and bullying behaviour ultimately ending in my situation today.

It would be inappropriate for me to comment and close with extracts from his own personal statement from :

“... kept the same doctor’s note about my asthma from 1st year to Upper 6th in order to escape having to run miles ...”

And at university : “Spent most of the time in games room ...”