Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Page 3 Girl

Within two days of my suspension, this article appeared in the Lancashire Evening Post (front page) :

According to some articles, it is possible that the LEA might leak these type of stories to the press; so far I do not know who released the story to the press. The first story really hurt me badly, I was shopping with my mother in Preston when I noticed the newspaper - you might have expected that the LEA would have alerted me to the fact that they had spoken with the press ... but remember that no one cares anymore ... so your feelings are irrelevant.

The following week, the Chorley Guardian featured this article :

This one was well coordinated - not only was I in this paper but my head teacher featured in another article commending him on his management style ... how was that orchestrated ? ... and by whom ?

These two articles introduced a new level of misery. I found it difficult to go shopping for fear of who would know me and what they might think. Even after many months, I still can not face the thought of visiting the town centre.

Still, remember the nightmare, paranoia and now agoraphobia plus stress and nervous exhaustion. Apologies ? You must be joking ... remember you are guilty and it is only your first week of suspension !