Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Detecting Deception

NADAC is the largest privately owned polygraph company in the United Kingdom, with offices based in London and Manchester. In addition NADAC provides polygraph services throughout the UK and on an international basis.

The founding directors Cargill & Penner are the official polygraph lie detection experts for the Trisha Goddard show on Channel Five.

They specialize in providing highly confidential polygraph testing for the corporate sector, government and private individuals.

Their examiners use the latest state of the art computerized instruments and are fully conversant with the most up to date techniques.

NADAC’s managing director, Don Cargill, is the current chairman of the prestigious British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA) as well as being a member of the American Polygraph Association (APA).

Nadia Penner is also a board director of the BEPA and a member of the APA.

I had been struggling with the thought of my appeal. There was no new evidence that could be presented and the format for the appeal would be the same as that of the disciplinary hearing. There were two witnesses who were lying and their testimonies had remained solid. It was clear that I needed something ‘out-of-the-box’ otherwise the outcome was going to be another sham.

My partner had suggested taking a polygraph test but my solicitor was not supportive. I mulled the idea over and searched for information about ‘lie-detection’ ... there are only a few British agencies that provide this service.

I was cynical of the idea and its value until I called Don Cargill at NADAC this afternoon. He exuded confidence and enthusiasm for his specialist field, citing many recent examples of the scope his work. These included the high profile case of Michael Shields, the football supporter who is serving a 10 year sentence for the attempted murder of Bulgarian barman, Martin Georgiev in 2005.

Don explained that much of his work was now sanctioned by government and that the validity and acceptance of polygraph tests by the British justice systems was progressing.

I felt an immediate rapport with Don. He was understanding and empathetic of my plight, and he kindly offered to personally present his findings at my appeal. He agreed to see me at my home on Sunday afternoon. I came off the telephone with a new sense of hope and optimism that my appeal would have a new dimension and that I might just win my case !