Friday, 10 August 2012

Compromise Agreements

I was asked about the lucrative settlements that can be made – ‘Compromise Agreements’ or ‘gagging clauses’. My union became involved during the school’s final dismissal procedures due to my ill-health. The union had contributed little to my case and I continued to be disappointed by their support.

Bearing in mind that it is probably illegal for an employer to make you ill and then sack you for being ill, my union took the path of least resistance and negotiated a ‘final settlement’ on the understanding that I sold all my free rights to talk about my case – legally gagged and bound and that included my family too !

My compromise agreement is here – it offered me a paltry tax free sum of £10,393 for selling what was left of my life ! Needless to say, I did not accept their kind offer – in my book, any and every injustice should be shouted aloud and not silenced by corruption and bribery !

(In any case, the union must have either been stupid or maybe thought that my mental state and confusion was such that I would accept anything, but my salary payments until my dismissal exceeded the offer !)