Tuesday, 18 August 2009

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Dudley teacher in swearing row told he can teach againBirmingham Mail 18 August 2009

Speaking after the hearing, he said: “This is the end of a nightmare. I lost my profession and I’d been doing very well, the community turned its back on me, my wife left me and I lost my kids and my home.”

Mr Glover struggled to contain his emotions as he told the panel: I’m on oath and I can’t say that I did something that I didn’t do. I was accused of swearing and I did not do that, however I want to say to you that I absolutely agree that swearing in front of students or to students is totally unacceptable by a teacher and that any coercion of school pupils is utterly unacceptable.”

If I had done what I have been accused of I would have admitted it because I’m an honest, good person.

Assistant head teacher is struck offBirmingham Mail 09 February 2007
According to the above article, Peter Glover was suspended in September 2004 and subsequently was dismissed in June 2005. This is not justice ! This is another travesty ! This man was sentenced to a life of utter misery for 5 years during which his entire life was destroyed ! Why ? Legislature applicable to criminals prevents such acts of cruelty ... but somehow, it is considered acceptable for teachers !

Proper policies needed for when teachers are accusedWestern Mail 13 August 2009
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10 August 2009
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12 August 2009

Rise in pupils’ complaints against teachersLancashire Evening Post 10 August 2009